The Debut of J. Keith Moyer Examined

J. Keith Moyer goes by both J. Keith Moyer and Keith Moyer. He is publisher and editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Moyer joined the LVRJ in February 2016 as editor-in-chief. He had been on the faculty at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication for six years. He became publisher of the LVRJ on March 26, 2018.

Moyer also was publisher at the Minneapolis (Minn.) Star Tribune, the largest newspaper in Minnesota. When he was hired by LVRJ owner Sheldon Adelson, Moyer’s old newspaper ran a media column that said:

“Minnesota eyebrows arched late last week when it was announced that former Star Tribune publisher J. Keith Moyer had agreed to step into the roiling cauldron of suspicion that is the editor’s job at the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a paper that — while it will never be confused with the greats — is not nearly as tacky as you might think given its service area.

As you may be aware, the RJ is living in what we can charitably call “interesting times,” what with multi­billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson buying the paper last fall for a hefty premium over its perceived value and then shedding newsroom leaders like a drunken frat boy spilling chips in a cheap casino.”

Well, we’ll see just what a “roiling cauldron” Moyer has stepped into here. There’s lots of interesting stuff for him to answer to, and we’re about to delve into it. Stand by.