J. Keith Moyer, the Arrogant Editor – Too Big for the Little Guy

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As you can see from the images in this post, I attempted to reach Las Vegas Review Journal publisher and editor J. Keith Moyer a couple of times to interview him for the purposes of including his responses in posts in this website.

My first contact with him was on Sept. 23, when I made my initial request for an interview.

After getting no reply, I followed up the next day, Sept. 24, with a second request for an interview. Again, I got no response.

I placed a call to the LVRJ at 9:19 am on Sept. 25. I spoke with a woman named Peggy, who informed me that Moyer’s number had changed. She gave me what she said was his direct line.

A few minutes later, I called that new number I had gotten from Peggy. Moyer’s assistant, Jennifer, answered the phone, and I spoke with her briefly. Jennifer told me that Moyer was out of town and that he was playing catch-up. I mentioned my attempts at reaching him via email, and she acknowledged that she saw that I had emailed him twice previously.

Jennifer said she would give him the information that I was trying to reach him. By my math, just about two weeks have gone by, and I’ve gotten no response from Moyer. Highly unprofessional in my humble opinion. He’s a journalist. He leads journalists every day in the LVRJ’s mission to put out what they regard as news. He’s not unfamiliar with people making phone calls requesting interviews. Usually he and his staff are the ones doing it. But now, I’m turning the tables on him. I’m the one making the request for an interview. I guess he doesn’t like that so much. Let’s see how much he likes it as this website climbs the Google search engine results list to the first page and see what he thinks then.

I’ve given him ample time to get in touch with me. It could be a two-way conversation. For now, however, I’m the one driving the conversation and publishing stories. And I’ll bet you, eventually, I’ll reach as many people with this website as the RJ does with their circulation.

We’ll see how it goes.

Still waiting for your call, J. Keith Moyer.