(*Sam) Laurel & (*Adam) Hardy, In My Opinion – Steve Barket

About Stan & Ollie, I mean Sam & Adam … (LMAO) — to meet these guys was a real treat.

Sam, I really liked. He was a great guy and appeared to me to be sincere.

Adam as it turned out was a handful (mostly full of himself). Adam never realized that had he not worked for this company, no would probably even talk to him. I think Adam forgot he was not the owner, just an employee (stock excluded).

Sam was much more personable and believable.

That was, until one night when it all came crashing down! A publicly traded company (which will remain unnamed) had hired me to do some work, with a success fee involved. Not to be a tattletale, but the Dynamic Duo of Stan & Ollie — darn it, I mean Sam & Adam — referred to the Boss Man/CEO as a “Hands-on Megalomaniac”. So on that scary night I was summoned to a meeting at this “center of technology & innovation” at I-215 and Rainbow Blvd.

Now, after months and months of work, I had never been invited to this public building. Strange and scary, all at the same time, right? So why now? Why do I suddenly get this invitation? So they can record me? Or video tape me? … All sorts of things came into my mind. So I decided to have fun with this comical “duo” — a very cryptic bunch!

In short, they accused me of putting up several websites about J. Keith Moyer, publisher and editor of the LVRJ and their boss (the alleged “Hands-on Megalomaniac”). They were more like a comedy skit from Saturday Night Live. Complete hysteria ensued!

At first I tried to defend my position. Then I realized who I was talking to — Sam & Adam. Then the fun started. Lasers lighting them up and much more nonsense … It really was a hoot!

The long and short of it — they were so off in left field, I could not believe my ears. At the end of the day, we went our separate ways and I was not given the opportunity to publish my work and get the success fee. However, what did happen was that I filed a federal lawsuit that’s still in progress. Once I catch the culprit(s) I will be laughing, then filing addition suits.

I have my suspicions about the true identity of the person(s) behind those websites they accused me of doing. The truth lies in the cell phone tower location report of those responsible. We’ll get to the bottom of it, trust me.

Dear Stan & Ollie — darn it there I go again — I mean, Sam & Adam: I’m counting on you to file a lawsuit to shut me up. The discovery will be mind blowing for all concerned. I still cherish all those conversations about Dirty & Shady (Sam & Adam’s code words for their alleged archenemies.)